Fobus Holster was founded in 1978 and is Israel's leading holster maker. Fobus was the first holster company to introduce injection molded polymer holsters and was developed for the Israeli Military and Special Security services. Fobus holsters and mag pouches are made of high density polymers which are exceptionally comfortable, lightweight and extremely durable. Fobus offers a variety of over 160 different passive and active retention holsters, in both left & right handed versions, fitting hundreds of different firearms and revolvers, with all possible carry options.

All Fobus holsters and mag pouches are virtually maintenance free and carry a Lifetime Warranty.


The Roto-Holster system provides for 360 degree holster rotation and is compatible with any Fobus mounting option. It includes an adjustment screw for easy assembly and rotation. To adjust the angle of the holster, loosen the adjustment screw on the back of the holster and rotate to the desired position. Ensure that the holster locks into one of the pre-set locking positions and tighten the adjustment screw on the back of the holster to secure rotation position.